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Date: 01/13/2016

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START HERE: What can you get for $10 dollars, a membership to one of the most influencial business associations in San Clemente California. The San Clemente Business Association is a member organization of the US Chamber and commerce with many federal and state benefits applicable to each member as well as be listed and found online in the directory. The San Clemente Business Association's job is to network businesses together, create events within the city, promote and unify the city, develop and envision the city of the future, make a difference in the community making it a better, safer, funner, more prosperous place to work, live and play. We support tourism and tapping into the 4.5 million people driving by, unique eateries, places, surfing, military, new technologies and bringing more businesses to San Clemetne and the Monte Carlo California Riviera tourism model the founder of the planned city created. We are better together in a non exclusive gather of entreprenuers and business owners to make San Clemente and the World a Better Place.

WHY: Local Business's biggest threat is Amazon and its ambitios new push for same-day delivery is said will destroy local retail and service sectors. From plumbers, specialty stores, restaurants to big box retailers will be at risk. Now is the time collectively meet this challenge with our own online apps and have a healthy local business model to actively compete with national giants for our local business and then take our local business nationally. Let's have the local business together become so strong in the San Clemente market will be marginal and not by surprise where local businesses and retailers go out of business because of global giants. Where we together locally develop and test new technologies to compete that are more flexible and adjile locally than nationwide system could be.

San Clemente is a city in Orange County, California. The population was 63,522 at the 2010 census. Located on the California Coast, midway between Los Angeles and San Diego at the southern tip of the county, it is known for its ocean, hill, and mountain views, a pleasant climate and its Spanish Colonial style architecture. San Clemente's city slogan is "Spanish Village by the Sea" which was meant Spain - Mediteranean (Modeled after Monte Carlo) and San Clemente was called the California Riviera by its designers. San Clemente is the #1 Surf Distination in Continental United States. With President Nixon San Clemente was the city that changed, influenced, opened the doors to China, signed Salt Nuclear talks the beginning of a nuclear peace in the world.


1) 4.5 Million Cars drive by San Clemente every month
2) #1 Surf Destination in the continental Untied States
3) City that ran the free world in the 1960's with President Nixon and Western White house has many international ties.
4) Only city in prohibition time to have open liquor cabinets because Ole Hanson was best friends with the President of the United States
5) City was designed to be the California Riviera or a clone on Monaco and Mediterranean Village (Spanish) by the sea.
6) One of the few natural harbors in California and in the 1700's and 1800's was used by Spaniard to support the San Juan Mission via Spanish galleons and was a days ride to San Diego so it became the trading post.
7) During the 1920-30's it was Hollywood's hidden vacation villages where cruse ships would bring celebrities to Catalina and then since there was no room to stay they were ferried to San Clemente to party and and spend the night.
8) San Clemente has more surfboard manufacturers than any other city in the United States.
9) San Clemente during prohibition was a safe harbor for rum runners delivering booze from Los Angeles to San Diego.
10) The Surf Movies and its genre were started in san clemente, endless summer and on it goes.
11) City is growing to 90,000 residence and in the summer gets 10 times the population because of the beaches
12) 300,000 people a year visit San Clemente because of Richard Nixon
13) City is building its first mega mall outlet stores
14) City has the possibility of growing its land footprint by double or triple
15) City was John Wayne's favorite city to visit and drink in.
16) City has a health industrial parks scattered in hills and along Pico
17) City neighbors 40,000 service men and women from camp pendleton and actually has a close north exits 1 mile from San Clemente.
18) There are 20,000 businesses in San Clemente
19) City has for the moment has the best deal in home prices in Orange County with views of the pacific ocean.

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